The years of abuse, manufacturing of ‘truth’
The ossification of rich, straight, white male power
An age-old master plan to keep control in the hands
Of white men in white ivory towers
To preserve their authority through acts of cruel brutality:
Lynchings, rapes and murders they’ve endorsed and induced
But you know there’ll come a time when they’ll pay for their crimes:
Some fucking angry chickens are coming home to roost

As I write, I’m well aware of the privilege I share
With the exploiters, the murderers and rapists
Do I take on the guilt for the oceans of blood spilt?
Or is that just another way for us privileged not to face it?
Face the fact that guilt’s no use: it doesn’t stop the abuse
It just ‘justifies’ a total lack of engagement
With power we hold today and blatant part we play
In contemporary exploitation and enslavement

We must acknowledge our privileges
Before we can denounce all power
We must each undermine the foundations
Of our castles, our ivory towers

And become traitors
To our privileged positions
Become traitors
To hegemonic ambitions

And become traitors, traitors, traitors, traitors, traitors...
Opposing our castles and our towers

I was born entitled and empowered and conditioned to devour
The lives of those this culture marks as objects
I benefit and gain from their punishment and pain
But I will raise my voice to resist and reject
To reject white supremacy, ableism, plutocracy
To reject transphobia, heterosexism and misogyny
I will not deny the violence that stems from my selfish silence
This blue eyed devil’s standing up for liberty


from A Monkey's Diversion, released January 4, 2017




Anarcho Folko England, UK

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